Monday, April 25, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Marco Polo Global Trade Project

Driving Question:
What effect do global trade networks have on the development of nations or groups of people?

Read about Marco Polo and his trip to China and the court of Kublai Khan. We will discuss his trip in class at length as well as watch a video. Your main objective is to create an online store to sell goods on the Silk Road. We will use Google Sites to accomplish this because we have access to this through our Google accounts here at school.

Your site must have:

Include an introduction to your site with the goals stated on the home page
A short description of the Silk Road
A map of the Silk Road
A list of countries that are on the Silk Road
At least three pages within the site
A minimum of three links to other sites
Between 5-8 items that would have been sold on the Silk Road
-The items can be from either the West or East
-include a price, description of the item including what it was used for, and an image

-Research the items traded along the Silk Road
-Provide examples of the goods that were traded along the Silk Road
-Examine implications of global trade on human history
-Show examples of cultural diffusion

Sites to look for information about goods on the Silk Road

General info


Google Sites Help
PDF Tutorial for Google Sites

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Silk Road Map Assignment

Silk Road Map Response

Examine the map here

To zoom in, hold ctrl and press the plus (+) button next to backspace until it zooms in. To zoom out, hold ctrl and press the minus (-) button

Discuss with your partner where the route goes and why.
What natural barriers are along the journey?
How might these barriers impact where the route is?
What impact do mountains, deserts, and bodies of water have on where the route goes?
Why couldn’t the route be a straight line from west to east?

Formulate a response to the following prompt:

What impact do natural barriers (deserts, mountains, bodies of water) have on the route of the Silk Road?

Write a well thought out response in a paragraph and submit it in your Google Classroom

In addition, make a list of modern countries that the Silk Road goes through
Use this map to help you: